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Leave the Germs at the Door!

Leave the Germs at the Door!
Your home is your biome. Now, building a strong immune system through exposure to nature is a different post but let’s talk about making your home safe from germs without having to sterilize every surface. A healthy home includes beneficial bacteria that can strengthen your immune system. Avoid excessive sterilization of your home beyond basic hygienic measures in the kitchen and bathrooms and a seasonal deep clean when needed. Not all germs are bad but the ones that can make you sick ( cold, flu, pathogenic bacteria) all need to be left at the door. Follow these simple steps to protect your family but still have a healthy home biome - 🐝1)take your shoes off at the door. Never ever wear your street shoes into the house. Especially if you live in an urban environment. 🐝2)drop those keys in a bowl or on a table or hook by the door and don’t touch them until the next time you go out. 🐝 3)set phone down. 🐝4)wash hands thoroughly 🐝5)spray or wipe phone down thoroughly and the spot you placed it. I prefer a natural, alcohol based product that does not contain hormone disrupting chemicals so I use a 151 proof grain alcohol in a tiny spray bottle. 🐝🐝🐝🐝 That’s it! You will be amazed at what a difference this makes. Let your home be your biome but leave the outside human pathogenic germs at the door! #CleanHome #Biome #NaturalEnvironment #NaturalKids #Homesteading #NaturalMedicine #Buzzagogo #ColdBeGone #coldbeegone#allergybeegone#HealthyKids #AirForceWife #Homeschool #Homeschooling #Organic #NaturalMinded #Biohacking #NasalBiome #ImmuneBoosting #coldbeegoneforkids


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