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New Hampshire’s Homeopathic Remedy is the Bees knees at national industry event

New Hampshire’s Homeopathic Remedy is the Bees knees at national industry event


New Hampshire’s Homeopathic Remedy is the Bees knees at national industry event

As announcements from governors in many states look to lift statewide mask requirements in schools, many parents look to coexist with the virus while keeping their students safe and healthy.

New Hampshire native and mother of two, Joyce Dales has always been a student of apitherapy and has studied the science of the nasal mucosa for many years. After enduring life threatening illnesses with both her father and then her own child, Joyce took to social media and podcasts platforms to teach about the importance of the nose to fighting illness.  For Joyce, the concept is simple – germs colonize in the nose so strengthening the nasal biome is critical to staying healthy.

Dales put her money where her mouth was to launch Buzzagogo back in 2008. She invented Cold Bee Gone, an all-natural homeopathic remedy made with Active Manuka Honey to fight cold and flu. This week, Dale’s signature product won a 1st place Buyers Choice Award at this month’s industry event-the ERCM Cough, Cold, Preventative & Allergy Showcase.

Many of the attending retailers at the event will look to feature Cold Bee Gone Kids on their store shelves this year.

Retailers that currently carry the Buzzagogo brand products include big box retailer CVS pharmacy, and e-commerce giant Amazon, as well as more than 200 additional national, regional grocery, convenience stores, says Dales.

“As we continue to introduce our homeopathic, Manuka Honey based remedy that fights against cold and flu to consumers in the U.S., we’re thrilled at the potential to work with these new retailers to grow our presence on shelves and in communities throughout the U.S,” said Joyce Dales, CEO and inventor of Buzzagogo. 


“We’ve seen strong growth and customer retention rates among virus fatigued-wellness conscious consumers, and with the potential for new retail presence, we’re able to make our homeopathic products even more accessible.”



About Buzzagogo

 Joyce Dales is the President of Buzzagogo and the inventor of Cold Bee Gone,  a homeopathic, Manuka Honey based remedy that you swab in your nose to fight cold, flu, allergies and to protect the nasal biome.  Joyce, who used to be a high school teacher, is married to Jeffrey, who is an attorney and software engineer.  In 2008 and 2010 they welcomed two beautiful girls as they grew their family through the gift of international adoption.  Together they run their company, while homeschooling, as they travel the country in their 1972 Airstream. Cold Bee Gone is now sold nationwide and is a proud official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox.


Check out Cold Bee Gone online at


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