The Science of Super Honey

Did you know that not all honey is created equal?

Some honey is for tables and tea, great for baking and making our lives just a little bit sweeter.  However, some honey is something more.  Something magical!

There are thousands of different varietals of honey worldwide and over 300 in the United States.   Each has unique properties based upon the locations, the bees involved and the type of plants utilized in the making of that honey.   No two are alike.  We often think of honey as just golden sugar meant for consumption but some honey is much, much more.

Today we recognize that there are a dozen or so honey varietals in the world that qualify as “super honey”.  They heal by a mechanism that is unique to each type and have profound medicinal benefit.  Science has attempted to replicate these honeys in the lab but failed because bee magic is only just beginning to be understood.   Some of these honey are capable of healing all manner of infections whether viral, bacterial or fungal.   Some are being studied for their properties against everything from cancer to Covid. (See attached links).  

Manuka honey is the most commercially known super honey due to its ability to destroy MRSA, H-pylori and even the most severe of antibiotic resistant infections.   Amazing stuff!   The trick is to find the right kind.  This is why our homeopathic cold, flu and allergy fighting ingredients are embedded in a proprietary super honey blend, that includes active Manuka. It is designed to help heal your delicate nasal biome and boost your nasal immune function.  Quality super honey should be anti-microbial, prebiotic, probiotic, anti-inflammatory and help you retain moisture. Locating honey that has not been adulterated grows increasingly difficult because the global honey industry is fraught with corruption.  The honey bee nerds at Buzzagogo have made it their mission to take the sting out by bringing you the best honey products in the world to help you and your entire family, stay well during these scary, germy times.

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