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The Booger Biome

The Booger Biome

The Booger Biome - Your germ fighting super power!

In the past decade, we have all learned the gut biome is critical to having a healthy immune system.  We swallow probiotics and eat fermented foods in the hopes of fighting off illness and disease, never quite sure if it’s working.  It’s a worthwhile practice but requires constant vigilance as we battle age, compromised digestion, environmental toxins, genetics or the constant bombardment of pathogens from our complicated, germy world.  

Now, let’s talk about the other critical component of our immune systems.  THE NOSE.   Did you know your nose is your first line of defense against germs?  Your gut is designed to restore and maintain the immune system to fight against all disease but the nose is designed to TRAP and PREVENT germs.   Germs enter the body when you touch your eyes, ears, nose or mouth with dirty hands.   These invaders will then travel to your upper nasal passages (the adenoid zone) where they latch on and remain dormant for 1-14 days.   After that dormancy phase, the pathogens will then pass their code to your cells which then replicate that code millions of times over within hours.  That’s when you start to feel sick.  That horrible, thick throated, miserable feeling that tells you things are about to go downhill.  Yuck. The worst.  We all hate that feeling.  Especially now since every sniffle brings a new level of fear and worry.   Once this replication process begins, that is when the strength of the rest of your immune system (in the gut) determines how severe your illness is and how quickly you recover.  

How does the health of the nose effect this process? Well, in a perfect world, your nasal biome would be in top fighting form. That means having appropriate PH level, salinity, healthy mucin, moisture and a perfect balance of strong, beneficial bacteria.   However, due to a million little insults through the use of chemical based nasal products, poor diet, pollution, antibiotics and more, most people have a compromised, low functioning nasal biome.  This allows the germs to get in, to get to the replication zone, to colonize, make you sick, reach your lungs or allowing bad bacteria to flourish, overloading your immune system resulting in severe illness.  

There are many phases and stages to this process and the key to arresting it before it’s a run-away train, starts with having  healthy nasal immune function.   Enter Cold Bee Gone and Allergy Bee Gone Nasal Swab Remedies!  Our products are the ideal way to support your nasal biome and fight symptoms of active illness with our homeopathics.   We embed the medicine in honey instead of saline, alcohol or chemicals, because honey is naturally anti-microbial, prebiotic, probiotic, anti-inflammatory and restores moisture.  Want to know more about honey?  Read here and join our newsletter to get the very latest research on the Booger Biome™ and the latest science on honey!

Who knew boogers would be so complicated and important.  Here we all just thought they were the nasty, slimy, dark beak treats of your nostril holes, meant to be picked and flicked.  

Nope.  Boogers are really quite refined.  




So treat your snoot with respect and it will protect you!



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